Philippines: Cradle of Heroes

A history blog dedicated to Filipino heroes. Featured are the Filipino men and women who fought historic battles in the Philippines. A catalog and description of the different weapons of war used by the antagonists and Filipinos can be found here. The history blog also narrates Filipino pacifist heroes, their work and their contribution to the freedom and liberty of the country without the use of force or violence.

From a line in the Philippine National Anthem, the “Lupang Hinirang” comes the name of this history blog, ”…duyan ka ng magiting” or loosely translated as “…the cradle of (the brave) heroes”. Philippines: Cradle of Heroes seeks to showcase the Filipino culture and introduce Philippine history to the enthusiasts and the curious around the world.

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Disclaimer: I am not a historian nor claim to be an expert in history. This history blog is intended for reading and discussion purposes only.